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The beginnings of the EnviroTech aerial surveillance operation started in 1977 under the name of Centennial Flying Service Ltd.. At that time, it was owned by Shirley Helicopter’s and both the current President, Bob Lamoureux , and Chief Pilot, Tom Urie, were involved as employees. EnviroTech acquired the operation in May of 2014.


Although the aerial surveillance operation has changed ownership over the years the operational management has remained stable throughout the corporate changes.


The operation has been functioning for 38 years and to date has flown over 90,000 hours of low level surveillance. In order to proactively isolate and mitigate potential hazards the Management Team conducts regular risk assessments isolating possible causes of accidents and then modifying procedures to prevent any occurrences.


We operate all of our flights with two pilots which greatly improves safety and ensures continuity of the knowledge base required to effectively detect issues with our customers pipe line assets. We are currently assessing the utilization of a twin engine aeroplane to enhance the safety of performing aerial inspection in remote, built-up or heavily wooded areas where emergency landing zones are limited.


Operating the aerial surveillance division as a “stand-alone” operation has allowed for more dedicated hands-on management and business development totally focused on aerial surveillance.


EnviroTech Aviation recognizes the ever increasing public awareness of environmental stewardship and the tightening regulatory pressure that is placed on Pipeline owners and operators by Government so we are constantly reviewing new and existing technologies that will enhance our ability to detect the release of product so we can add services that will still be cost effective for our Customers.


To serve our customers, as nearly as we can, to their complete satisfaction. To offer the best possible dollar’s worth of quality and value. To strive constantly for a high level of intelligent and helpful service. To charge a fair profit for what we offer – – and not what the market will bear. To apply this test to everything we do:


“Does it square with what is right and just?”