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EnviroTech's flight crews undergo specific training in the techniques required to conduct low level aerial inspection safely and effectively. You will be kept abreast of not only any actual leaks in your lines but also any potential threats to the integrity of your lines due to human activity or the forces of nature.


EnviroTech Aviation utilizes modern digital single lens reflex cameras that are capable of producing crystal clear high definition photographs. Our photographers are trained in the techniques required to take high quality photo’s from the aeroplanes compensating for the movement of the aeroplane and the viewing angle to the target.


EnviroTech Aviation has completed numerous special projects for their Customers from developing complete photo libraries of pipe line systems and assessing brushing requirements for overgrown lines to taking photo’s of various facilities for mounting in Customers offices or for use in their company promotional material.


  1. Be prepared: Know all about your business – a little more than any other person knows. You will, as a rule, achieve what you are prepared for.
  2. Work hard: The only kind of luck that you are justified in banking on is that based on hard work. This means sacrifice, persistent effort and dogged determination. Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of effort.
  3. Put in an honest effort: This means the finer honesty of purpose that will not allow you to give less than your best, that will make you count not on your hours but your duties and opportunities.
  4. Have confidence in others: A person’s value increases when they receive responsibility and feel that they are being relied upon. Use good business judgement of course and do not throw away common sense, but believe in yourself. and trust your fellow workers.
  5. Appeal to the spirit: It is the spirit of the men and women compromising any organization that is at the foundation of the organization or enterprise that will solve problems, conquer difficulties and achieve individual and collective success.
  6. Practice the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. The Golden Rule will work for you if you apply it diligently.


EnviroTech has been SMS compliant company since inception. This is a voluntary compliance and makes us a leader in the aviation community. We have been proactive and take safety seriously.


Hazards are addressed in a proactive manner through active participation from every employee. To foster an environment where our personnel feel safe in reporting hazardous conditions, they have adopted a non-punitive safety reporting policy. Hazards are then analyzed and an unbiased study of facts is used to determine the root of the incident/accident and then formulates corrective/preventive actions.


The company believes that seamless communication at all levels is vital to conduct everyday operations. SMS data (i.e. storage, tracking, monitoring, retrieval, and updating) has been captured in an electronic media stored on the Company’s cloud site. The system is also utilized to publish recent SMS policies/processes changes, Safety Objectives & Goals for the current year and minutes from safety committee meetings.


All activities are carried out under controlled conditions with the aim of preventing, to the greatest extent possible, safety occurrences and process non-conformities. Through their SMS program, EnviroTech has made Safety an integral operational priority and believe that their maturing safety culture will continuously improve their best practices and reduce or eliminate accidents and/or incidents entirely.