Envirotech Aviation | COMPENSATION & BENEFITS
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At EnviroTech Aviation, we want our employees to feel challenged and rewarded as we know this is as important to you as it is to us. We offer a very market competitive compensation and benefits package to all our employees.


Compensation and Rewards:

Our positions are frequently benchmarked to ensure we remain competitive in the marketplace.


Dental and Health:

EnviroTech offers employees and their families a comprehensive dental and health care program on a shared cost basis (50/50 Company/Employee).


Basic Life Insurance:

EnviroTech’s benefit program provides group life insurance coverage equal to two times your annual salary up to a maximum of $500


Dependent Life Insurance:

EnviroTech’s benefit program provides limited dependent life insurance for an employee’s spouse and child(ren).


Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance:

EnviroTech’s benefit program provides AD&D coverage matching the Basic Life Insurance coverage for the employee under the benefit program.


Short and Long-Term Disability:

EnviroTech’s benefit program offers additional income protection for short or extended periods of illness or injury (not work related).



EnviroTech supports the need for balance in employees’ lives and believes that each employee needs the enjoyment and relaxation associated with an annual vacation. Our vacation schedule based on an employee’s years of service is:


Years of Service                                         Vacation Percentage / Equivalency

1 Full Year of completed service                           4% (Equal to 80 hours or 2 weeks)


2 Full Years of completed service                        6% (Equal to 120 hours or 3 weeks)

6 Full Years of completed service                        8% (Equal to 160 hours or 4 weeks)


12 Full Years of completed service         10% (Equal to 200 hours or 5 weeks)



EnviroTech observes all Federal statutory holidays each year in addition to Heritage Day.